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Why is copyright infringement protection important for brands?

As a copyright holder, safeguarding your brand from bad actors is of utmost importance for several reasons:

Prevent brand dilution

Copyright infringement protection allows you to take legal action against those who attempt to mimic or imitate your brand's creative elements, preserving its distinctiveness.

Protect brand reputation

Copyright infringement detection helps you prevent your brand from being associated with undesirable or harmful materials.

Protect brand value

Copyright infringement monitoring safeguards your brand's value by preventing the exploitation or devaluation of its unique creative assets and intellectual property.

Techniques used to infringe on brands' copyrights

Bad actors can infringe your copyright using a wide range of deceptive techniques:

Content piracy

Content pirates copy and distribute copyrighted materials, such as videos, music, e-books, or software, without authorization.

Unauthorized use of brand logos and designs

Misuse of your brand's logos, design elements, or trademarks can dilute your brand identity and confuse customers. Unauthorized third parties may use these elements to create counterfeit products or misleading marketing materials.

Unauthorized live streaming or broadcasts of events, sports matches, concerts, or webinars can infringe on copyrights held by event organizers, content creators, or broadcasters.

Safeguard your content with the most advanced copyright monitoring service

This is how our copyright infringement detection software is able to detect and delete copyright violations:

Rapidly detect and monitor copyright abuse anywhere online

  • Bot-powered search
    Scan online channels to identify and monitor copyright infringements 24/7
  • Machine learning
    That takes your detection history and suggests new search terms to widen your scope
  • Image fingerprinting
    To protect official images used by infringers and remove those listings based on your copyright
  • Get evidence
    Document infringements detected and record the evidence. We collect HTML codes of the sites and screenshots automatically for you

De-list contents from search engines and automatically send cease & desist letters right away

  • Automatic notifications
    Links found on search engines will be automatically de-indexed and once the infringement is confirmed, a cease and desist letter will be sent right away
  • Multi-platform approach
    Removal will be done on several platforms like cyberlockers, hosting providers, linking sites, P2P, and VOD platforms

Get insights, measure your copyright protection efforts, and take data-based decisions with one copyright infringement monitoring platform

  • Real-time dashboards
    Digest all the information, with an overview of the results obtained
  • Reporting
    Get monthly reports of how your copyright protection efforts are going. Export available data in CSV format
  • Business intelligence
    Work with IP experts to improve your strategy. Learn how piracy sites are performing. Discover industry trends
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Why choose Red Points’ Copyright Infringement Protection Software

Red Points' Copyright Infringement Protection Software is the top choice for over 1,200 leading brands to protect their online presence. Here's why

Widest coverage 

Our copyright infringement detection service casts a wide net, ensuring that we identify and address unauthorized content usage, phishing attempts, and deceptive websites across a multitude of platforms and domains.

Guaranteed transparent ROI 

Red Points’ copyright monitoring service provides guaranteed transparency in ROI, allowing you to track the tangible benefits of our copyright infringement protection software.

World-class expertise

When you choose Red Points’ copyright infringement detection solution, you're entrusting your brand's safety to a team with the knowledge and expertise to outmaneuver even the most sophisticated bad actors.

Where our copyright monitoring service can protect your copyright


Detect, validate and remove infringing listings automatically in thousands of marketplaces

Social Media

Take down fake accounts and posts on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and more


Find stand-alone sites hurting your brand and take them down with our unique approach


Detect and claim domains using your trademark to divert traffic from your official channels

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DMCA Takedown Service

Track and enforce copyright infringement on websites, social media and marketplaces with Red Points’ DMCA takedown service

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Anti-Counterfeit Solution

Automatically find, track and remove counterfeits listings and sellers to protect your customers and profits

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Digital Rights Management Software

Automatically find and remove software or entertainment logins that are being resold online on top marketplaces and malicious websites

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Brand Protection for Ecommerce

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Our official partnerships and certifications

As a leading industry reporter, with over 4.6M enforcements per year in top platforms, we are official partners and have certifications with: 

Google's Trusted Copyright Removal program

Youtube-Certified Multi-Channel Network


What is considered a copyright infringement?

According to the US Copyright Office, copyright infringement occurs when a copyrighted work is reproduced, distributed, performed, publicly displayed, or made into a derivative work without the permission of the copyright owner.

Copyrights protect the original works of a creator such as written texts, music, images, videos, software codes, and others. If you are a creator, your work is automatically protected by copyright law when you publish it in any form of tangible medium. This copyright infringement protection grants you the exclusive rights to publish, sell, modify, and reproduce your unique work.

How can you protect from copyright infringement?

Red Points’ copyright infringement detection software helps you to shield your creative works from infringers who try to profit from your innovations. The copyright infringement monitoring software covers a broad range of mediums including movies, digital works like software and videogames, prints, streaming, and educational products. Copyright violations are detected and enforced rapidly with bot-powered search and a self-improving system through machine learning. The copyright infringement protection system takes down and reports abuses automatically and around the clock.

How to detect copyright violations

You can detect copyright infringements manually or hire an attorney for legal advice. However, those single-case approaches have disadvantages when dealing with multiple or repeated infringements. Instead, you can work with a pure-play copyright monitoring service company like Red Points that safeguards your intellectual property at scale.

How is a copyright different from a patent and a trademark?

Although all pertain to intellectual property protection, a copyright, a patent, and a trademark protect different types of intellectual property. In sum:

  • A copyright protects the rights of authors over their original literary, artistic, or scientific works, as earlier mentioned.
  • A patent protects inventions, processes, or products that offer a technical solution to a particular problem.

A trademark protects a brand’s name, logo, symbol, or design that distinguishes it from other brands or businesses.

What rights does a copyright extend to me?

A copyright owner has the exclusive right to:

  • Reproduce the copyrighted work.
  • Distribute copies of the copyrighted work, either by sale, lease, or lending.
  • Display the copyrighted work, if it is a literary, musical, or artistic creation.
  • Perform the copyrighted work, if it is a literary, musical, or audiovisual creation.
  • Prepare a derivative work–that is, a work that is based upon pre-existing copyrighted materials.
  • File an infringement action against unauthorized users, producers, and/or distributors (i.e. pirates) of the copyrighted work.

How long does a copyright last?

Generally, the duration of a copyright is the life of the author plus 70 years after his death. If the copyrighted material is created by more than one author, the copyright lasts for 70 years after the last surviving author’s death. For works with anonymous or pseudonymous authors, the duration of the copyright is 95 years from the material’s publication or 120 years from its creation, whichever is shorter.

Can I report copyright infringement?

Copyright infringement is a very serious issue and the good news is that you can report it when necessary. It’s helpful to know how to recognize potential copyright infringements, as well as the steps required to proper copyright infringement protection, so you have the tools needed to protect your work or intellectual property.

If you see content appear online that may be an infringement of your copyright, take action! First, record detailed information about the alleged infringement and gather evidence such as screenshots or web page URLs with timestamps. 

Then, depending on the situation and which laws apply, process your complaint with either a takedown notice or a copyright counter-notice. 

Finally, if you need support regarding your options to report copyright infringement, Red Points’ Copyright Infringement Detection software can help automate the detection and takedown of copyright infringement to save you time and money.

What do you do if you get copyright infringement?

If you believe your content has been used unlawfully, reach out for legal advice if needed so that you can formulate a well-informed strategy on copyright infringement protection.

You might also want to consider contacting the claimant directly for a civil negotiation; this could be helpful in mitigating potential damages or costs associated with the infringement.

Most importantly, always ensure your content is properly licensed or indicated as being free from any copyright restrictions when uploading online.

Where can you file a case for copyright infringement?

Filing a case for copyright infringement depends on where and to whom the infringement has been committed. Generally speaking, if you are the owner of a copyright and someone is using your work without permission, you can file a claim in federal court. 

Depending on where the infringer is located, further steps may need to be taken to ensure that all details of how they used your work illegally are brought to legal attention. 

Before filing an infringement lawsuit, consider hiring an attorney who can help you draft the complaint and represent you during litigation. Taking these copyright infringement protection steps will help secure any potential damages or profits resulting from the illegal use of your copyrighted works.

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