5 Enterprise Tech Execs Discuss Remote Work, AI, and More


From North America, we had Diya Jolly, chief product officer of the identity security company Okta, and Michelle Zatlyn, cofounder and COO of the internet security company Cloudflare. From the Asia Pacific region, we had Winnie Lee, COO and cofounder of Appier, a Taiwan-based company that provides AI-based products to the marketing industry. From Europe, we had Vishal Marria, CEO of anti-fraud AI firm Quantexa, and Laura Urquizu, CEO of AI-enabled fraud detection startup Red Points.

Together, these execs chatted about how their companies are changing not only the way they work, but also how they sell their products to their customers, large and small. They also shared observations on how the pandemic has led to a greater willingness from their customers to apply AI to solving their business problems as well as a rise in cybersecurity and fraud attacks.

All that and more below, in the transcript from Business Insider’s first Enterprise Tech Transformers roundtable.

Transcript has been edited for clarity and length:

Business Insider: What’s one thing that your company has learned during the pandemic — either internally, from a customer, or your peers — that stands out as having altered the way you’ll do business in the future?

Urquizu: In our case, we were very used to reaching our prospects and future clients remotely, by email and phones and doing demos. We used to think that this kind of behavior was good for small companies or medium companies, but not good for enterprise. Well, with this pandemic, this has changed: Now to reach enterprise customers, you don’t have to go to events. We learned that we can also do business with enterprises — the biggest businesses in the world — remotely with technology demos, calls, and emails like we do with smaller companies. And that is a change that we are happy to have as a company.

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