How Pura Vida Handles E-Commerce Fraud during COVID-19


In episode 255 of Total Retail Talks, Joe Keenan interviews Paul Goodman, founder and CFO of Pura Vida, a handmade bracelet and jewelry company. Listen in as Goodman discusses his inspiration for starting the company, how Pura Vida supports hundreds of artisans around the world, and the company’s distribution channels. He shares how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected Pura Vida’s business, including a spike in e-commerce sales, and what the brand is doing to ensure a great customer experience for online shoppers.

Goodman also addresses how the spike in e-commerce activity increases the chance of cyber crime, and how Pura Vida is working with partner Red Points to remove fraudulent sellers and counterfeit goods that appear on third-party marketplaces. He describes the negative impact that fraudulent product sales have on the brand, why the company partnered with Red Points to manage fraudulent activity, and what he’s focusing on going forward at Pura Vida to optimize and enhance the business.

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