Red Points Opens New Office in Beijing


Brand protection firm Red Points has expanded its offerings by opening a new office in Beijing. 

Announcing the news, the company also expressed its intentions to open an office in Shanghai “next year”. 

The firm already has offices in Barcelona, New York and Salt Lake City. 

Red Points said this move enables it “to strengthen its local relationships and better protect its clients’ revenue online”. 

Commenting on the news, Red Points CEO Laura Urquizu, said, “China is home to some of the biggest players in e-commerce and social media, where retailers – and counterfeiters – are constantly finding new, innovative ways to interact with customers. 

“For example, social channels like WeChat and Weibo give scammers more opportunities to exploit these platforms and prey on unsuspecting consumers, which has only intensified as shoppers everywhere have no choice but to rely on e-commerce.” 

Urquizu concluded, “The best way to protect our customers is to get closer to our local partners and in the centre of where these emerging markets are, which is why we decided to open our Beijing office.”

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