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Automatically find and remove gray market listings to protect your brand and distribution network with gray market control software

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Why does this happen?

As authentic products are resold, it is tricky to enforce upon them. Here are some reasons why brands face gray market websites problems:

Unwanted stock

Distributors that get tied down with unwanted stock may turn to the quick and easy option of selling it to a gray market seller

Parallel imports

Brands are left with a blind spot. Without any knowledge of how much these items are being sold for nor to which country

Stolen goods

Are sold at huge discounts. As regular retail prices are higher and customers become used to lower prices

How gray market websites impact your business

Unauthorized sellers put at risk your:


  • Being sold though non official channels
  • Shrinking your value
  • Diverting revenue


  • Losing control over sales channels
  • Competing with your official partners
  • Increasing price race to the bottom


  • Offering products without warranty
  • Increasing complaints
  • Generating negative reviews

Our gray market control software keeps your business safe

Red Points has developed a unique gray market control software to detect and remove gray market listings in 3 main steps:


Detect and monitor gray market goods on:

  • Marketplaces
  • Social media
  • Websites



Start takedowns right away

  • Identifying gray market listings
  • Requesting take down automatically


Reverse gray market effects by:

  • Discovering unauthorized sellers
  • Leveraging evidence and data to take legal actions


30M links

processed on
a daily basis

1.5 days

takedown time

1,200+ clients

from all industries

If you have 15 mins, you can see Red Points’ gray market control software in action with your brand

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