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Automatically find and remove infringement with Red Points’ Amazon brand protection solution

Why are Amazon brand protection services important to brands?

Amazon brand protection services are essential for brands for several reasons:

Prevent revenue loss

Unauthorized sellers, gray market goods, and pricing violations divert business and can lead to significant revenue losses.

Safeguard distributor and partners relationship

Cheap fake products create unfair competition for your authorized distributors, jeopardizing your relationship with them.

Protect your brand reputation

Amazon brand protection solution ensures that your brand's reputation remains untarnished by preventing others from selling or advertising your products without authorization.

Techniques used to infringe your brand on Amazon

Bad actors can infringe on your brand on Amazon using a wide range of deceptive techniques:

Counterfeit products

Counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, circumventing Amazon's brand protection programs and selling fake goods. This can mislead unsuspecting customers and cause serious financial harm to your brand.

Trademark infringement

This practice can involve bad actors using your trademarked logo, name, or other intellectual property without permission, often to create the illusion that a product is associated with your brand.

Misuse of reviews

Infringers might use fake reviews to boost the apparent quality and popularity of their counterfeit or unauthorized products. This can mislead customers into thinking these products are more reputable or higher quality than they actually are.

Keyword manipulation

Some sellers manipulate keywords in product listings to appear in searches for popular brands, even though their products have no relation to those brands.

Gray market goods

Bad actors sometimes sell authentic products that were intended for a different market. These products might differ slightly or not carry the manufacturer's warranty, and their sale can infringe on your brand's distribution agreements and regional marketing strategies.


Identify trademark, patent and brand infringement on Amazon 24/7

Bot-powered search

Scan Amazon for potential online infringements every hour with our Amazon brand protection solution

Photo analysis

Image recognition technology scans Amazon listings' photos to identify trademark, patent, and brand infringement

Self-improving detection

Machine learning suggests new rules and keyword opportunities

Paul Hewitt Classic $129.00 Add to cart Paul Hewitt KEYWORD SEARCH Classic


Automatically enforce against infringing sellers using your trademark, patent or copyright on Amazon or review detections and decide

Automation rules

Set up rules that instantly start the enforcement process for infringing sellers on Amazon in our Amazon brand protection solution

Validation cards

Use image cards to validate, pause or discard detected incidents on Amazon

High-risk shortlist

Use Amazon Brand Protection solution to prioritize which potential infringements require your attention

INFRINGEMENT CONFIRMATION Luxury Paul Hewitt Classic, Watch, Fashion. $129.00 ADD AUTOMATION RULE Condition Select Price < $25 Price < $30 Price < $35 Action Select Discard High risk Enforce


See the impact of your Amazon brand protection actions

Performance dashboards

Get full visibility into your brand protection coverage at a glance with Amazon brand protection services

Output reports

Measure the impact of your actions through different report templates of our Amazon brand protection solution

Data extraction

Use data in a way that suits you by exporting it or using our API


Why choose Red Points’ Amazon Brand Protection Services

When it comes to safeguarding your brand's online presence on Amazon, Red Points stand out as the superior Amazon brand protection agency. Here is why over 1,200 leading brands chose us:

Guaranteed transparent ROI

Red Points provides guaranteed transparency in ROI, allowing you to track the tangible benefits of our Amazon brand protection services.

World-class expertise

When you choose Red Points’ Amazon brand protection solution, you're entrusting your brand's safety to a team with the knowledge and expertise to outmaneuver even the most sophisticated bad actors.

Leading Enforcer

Red Points manages 4.6 million enforcements per year on top platforms. We offer priority escalation, maintaining a 91% average enforcement success rate. Additionally, our capabilities include seller account freezing and closing, underscoring our comprehensive approach to platform management.

Our results on Amazon


Enforcement success rate in all Amazon domains


Days average takedown time


Incidents processed a day

What can your team expect from Red Points’ Amazon Brand Protection Services

Wei Zhang, Puma

Lawyers & General Counsel 

Red Points’ Amazon brand protection services provide the legal expertise and proactive measures needed to combat the unauthorized use of your brand on Amazon, preventing potential legal disputes and costly litigation.


C-suite executives 

Red Points’ Amazon brand protection services are a strategic choice for executives, as they help maintain brand integrity, minimize risks, and ensure that the organization’s digital footprint remains a beacon of trust and authenticity.

Ed Rainey, Knockaround

Revenue leaders

Our Amazon brand protection services help protect revenue streams by preventing Amazon-related issues that can divert potential customers, ensuring your sales and marketing efforts yield optimal results.

Barbara Mora, FILA

Marketing teams

Our Amazon brand protection solution provides marketing teams with comprehensive oversight of their brand’s online presence on Amazon, increasing trust and engagement by eliminating counterfeits and unauthorized sellers, while ensuring secure and authentic digital interaction between brands and their customers.

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How do I protect my products and brand on Amazon?

Registering your Intellectual Property (IP) is an important step for protecting your brand on Amazon. By doing so, you are able to prove and claim ownership of your IP when finding counterfeits or infringements. If you need to bring your case to court, registering your IP also gives you better legal protection.

A trademark is not required to sell on Amazon, however, if you wish to enroll in brand protection programs such as Amazon Brand Registry you must have a registered trademark.

When dealing with high volumes of infringements, removing counterfeits from Amazon can be a daunting task. It can take both a lot of time and money to dedicate hours of your time to manually detect and report infringements.

Red Points’ Amazon Brand Protection Services has the capabilities to monitor Amazon’s vast catalog 24/7 to spot counterfeiters or scammers trying to capitalize on your brand.

With the help of machine learning tools, such as keyword generation and image recognition, our Amazon brand protection services are able to process the information retrieved from Amazon to detect fakes, piracy, or sellers online and allow our customers to take enforcement actions.

Is Amazon responsible for counterfeits?

No. It’s the responsibility of the brand to proactively monitor its Intellectual Property on Amazon and other major marketplaces. Many brands use an Amazon Brand Protection solution to streamline and automate the monitoring and removal process.

Amazon has also launched several initiatives to help brand owner protect their assets on its platform:

Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry is a program that helps you protect your brand on Amazon and take better control over your products and Intellectual Property (IP). The service enables brands to give the platform more information on their products and IP so that both brands and Amazon are better positioned to protect against violations.

Amazon Transparency

Amazon Transparency is a service that is designed to prevent counterfeits from reaching customers. It does so by serializing individual items and scanning them before shipment. The idea is that only authentic products are shipped after scanning the codes of each transparency-enabled product.

Amazon IP Accelerator

Additionally, you can use the Amazon Intellectual Property (IP) Accelerator which helps you to register your IP rights by connecting your business with a network of IP law firms. The program also provides brand protection features that safeguard your brand on Amazon before your IP is officially registered.

Amazon Project Zero

Amazon Project Zero (APZ) is the ecommerce giant’s newest and most ambitious response to online counterfeiting. It provides three potential benefits to participating brands: automated IP protection and self-service counterfeit removal, both offered for free and product serialization, available as an optional paid-for feature.

How do I get people to stop selling my brand on Amazon?

Monitoring your listings efficiently is key to stopping bad actors from selling your products on Amazon. Without a proper Amazon brand protection solution and strategy, counterfeits, IP infringements, and fake reviews might damage your brand without your knowledge.

With so many sellers on Amazon, it is difficult, if not impossible, to manually monitor the listings, so getting professional help is recommended. With Red Points’ technology-based Amazon Brand Protection solution, we can detect IP infringements in real time on Amazon.


How much does the Amazon brand protection solution cost?

The cost of an Amazon brand protection solution will vary depending on the type of protection required.

For more information, schedule a meeting with a brand protection specialist now.

What are the benefits of Amazon brand protection services?

Amazon Brand Protection services offer several benefits to brand owners and businesses selling on its platform including:

Trademark protection

These services help protect registered trademarks, ensuring that only authorized sellers can use them. This reduces the risk of counterfeit products and unauthorized use of brand names.

Reporting tools and analytics

Red Points’ Amazon brand protection services provide detailed reporting and analytics to brand owners, allowing them to monitor your brand’s performance, track potential intellectual property infringements, and gain insights into unauthorized seller behavior.

Proactive counterfeit removal

Red Points’ Amazon brand protection services use machine learning and other forms of AI to continuously scan listings and remove suspected counterfeits.

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