Are Brands Prepared For Counterfeit Crisis?



The future of e-Commerce has become a hot topic in the industry, especially as brick-and-mortar operators continue to navigate constant volatility. Digital channels enable brands and retailers to keep their businesses running, but they also present new threats. Research from Red Points has found that while 58% of companies saw a surge in e-Commerce revenue once COVID-19 was declared a national emergency, 39% also saw an uptick in counterfeiting. During this episode, host Alicia Esposito chats with Red Points CEO Laura Urquizu about this new data, as well as:

  • The definition of “brand protection,” and how it has changed in the era of COVID-19;
  • Common reasons why brands fall short in their brand protection efforts;
  • Whether the ongoing shift to digital will uncover new threats for brands;
  • New forms of theft and counterfeiting that may impact brands in the future.


Read the full article in Retail TouchPoints.