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What is video game modding and how can brands prevent it?
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What is video game modding and how can brands prevent it?

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    Video game modding is a growing phenomenon that allows players to alter a game’s content, but it also raises legal concerns for game developers. By understanding the implications of modding and taking action to protect your game’s integrity and intellectual property, you can safeguard your business interests and maintain control over your content.

    In this article, we’ll explore

    • What video game modding is
    • Whether it’s illegal, and the best practices to detect and prevent it
    • How Redpoints can help protect your game from video game modding

    What is video game modding?

    Video game modding refers to the process of altering or modifying a game’s original content, features, or assets by players or third-party developers. This can encompass a wide range of modifications, including custom character skins, new levels, improved graphics, altered gameplay mechanics, and even the creation of entirely new game experiences. Game mods can be created for various purposes, such as enhancing gameplay, fixing bugs, or extending the life of a game. While some game developers appreciate modding as a form of creative expression and community engagement, others view it as a potential threat to their intellectual property and revenue streams.

    Is video game modding illegal?

    The legality of video game modding depends on several factors, including the nature of the modifications, the applicable laws and regulations, and the policies established by the game developers or publishers. From the perspective of businesses, it is crucial to understand the potential legal implications of video game modding and the strategies available to protect their intellectual property rights.

    Licensing agreements:

    Game developers can establish clear licensing agreements that outline the acceptable use of their games, including provisions regarding modding. By setting boundaries on what modifications are allowed and prohibiting unauthorized distribution, businesses can retain control over their intellectual property and limit potential infringement.

    Copyright enforcement: 

    In cases where unauthorized mods infringe on a developer’s video game copyright, businesses can pursue legal avenues to protect their rights. This may include issuing cease and desist letters or filing lawsuits against individuals or groups distributing modded versions of their games without permission. Proactively enforcing copyright can deter potential infringers and safeguard the developer’s brand and revenue.

    Collaboration with the modding community:

    Some businesses choose to embrace the modding community by offering official modding tools, hosting modding competitions, or even integrating popular mods into official game updates. This collaborative approach can foster goodwill within the gaming community, while also providing businesses with greater control over the modding ecosystem.

    While certain forms of video game modding may not be inherently illegal, it is essential for businesses to consider the potential consequences of the unauthorized distribution of modded games. 

    Distributing modded games can lead to lost revenue, damage to the game’s reputation, and a diminished user experience due to inconsistent quality or the introduction of malicious code. 

    By proactively addressing the issue of video game modding and implementing strategies to protect their intellectual property, businesses can better manage the risks associated with modding and maintain control over their game’s content and brand image.

    How to detect if your video game has been modded

    Regular online monitoring

    To detect if your game has been modded, implement a proactive strategy to manually search and monitor popular modding websites, forums, and social media platforms. Look for any mention or distribution of modded versions of your game, as well as discussions on potential mods or hacking techniques. 

    By staying vigilant and maintaining a strong online presence, you can identify potential infringement early, allowing you to take appropriate action to protect your intellectual property. 

    This manual approach can be time-consuming, but it is a crucial first step in understanding the extent of modding activity related to your game and making informed decisions about your response.

    Encourage user reports

    Another effective method for detecting modded games is to engage with your community and encourage players to report instances of unauthorized modding or distribution. Creating an accessible and easy-to-use reporting system can facilitate the flow of information about potential infringements. 

    By fostering a strong relationship with your player base and promoting a culture of shared responsibility, you can leverage the collective power of your community to identify and address unauthorized modding activities more rapidly.

    Use a piracy detection solution

    Utilize a reliable solution like Red Points’ Anti Piracy Software to monitor and detect instances of unauthorized modding and distribution more efficiently. Red Points’ Anti Piracy software uses advanced technology, including machine learning and image recognition, to identify and remove infringing content such as pirated versions of your video game online. This comprehensive approach not only saves time and resources but also offers a higher level of protection against modding and other forms of digital piracy

    Red Points' Anti Piracy Solution

    How to prevent your video game from being modded

    Strengthen game security

    One of the best ways to prevent your game from being modded is to enhance the security measures in your game’s code. By implementing robust security features, such as encryption, code obfuscation, and anti-tamper mechanisms, you can make it more challenging for modders to access and alter the content. Strong security measures can deter potential modders, reduce the risk of unauthorized modifications, and protect your game’s integrity.

    Educate your community

    Communicate with your player base about the potential legal consequences of the modding and unauthorized distribution to drive consumer education. By raising awareness about the risks involved, the damage it can cause to the gaming community, and the potential impact on future game development, you can discourage such activities. Encourage players to enjoy the game as intended and remind them that supporting official content contributes to the ongoing success of the game and the community as a whole.

    Invest in an anti-piracy solution

    The most comprehensive approach to protecting your game from modding and piracy is to invest in a specialized Anti Piracy solution. 

    Red Points’ Anti Piracy Software not only functions as a monitoring platform for your intellectual property (IP) but also as a platform to enforce your rights as an IP owner over infringers. In addition to its broad detection capabilities when it comes to monitoring for piracy, it is also a very effective tool at taking down infringements quickly whenever detected.

    How Red Points can help protect your game from video game modding

    Monitoring and detection:

    Fake versions of mobile apps and modded games are prevalent everywhere, and as online piracy continues, the rate of these incidents is likely to rise. 

    Red Points’ service utilizes bots powered by machine learning to monitor the web for potential cases of infringement, giving you back time to focus on other areas of your business.

    Validation and enforcement:

    After our bot-powered search has identified potential cases of piracy or infringement, our platform provides you with the choice to review cases manually before moving to the next stage or implement custom rules, which can automate the validation process of specific infringements detected.

    At this stage, the platform provides you with peace of mind, not only because you can directly monitor infringements as they are detected, but also because you can be sure your customers are safe from bad actors that might affect their user experience.

    Takedown and follow-through:

    Once an infringement has been confirmed by you as the IP rights owner, Red Points begins the takedown process immediately. The entire process, including filling out forms, submitting evidence, and contacting relevant authorities, is carried out by Red Points on your behalf.

    Once the takedown process has been completed, Red Points also provides you with personalized reports and detailed dashboards that allow businesses to track their progress. By partnering with Red Points, you can effectively protect your game from video game modding, ensuring a consistent and secure gaming experience for your customers while safeguarding your intellectual property and brand reputation.

    What’s next

    Understanding the implications of video game modding and taking the necessary steps to prevent unauthorized distribution is crucial for safeguarding your game’s integrity and intellectual property. 
    Failing to act could result in lost revenue, damaged reputation, and potential legal disputes. By employing the best practices mentioned in this article and partnering with Red Points’ Anti Piracy Software, you can effectively protect your game from the risks associated with modding and ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all players.


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