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Why was my listing, content or social media post removed?
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Why was my listing, content or social media post removed?

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    If you received a notice or takedown request, we understand you might have questions or remarks about them. This article explains why Red Points removes certain online content.

    • Red Points enforces intellectual property rights online
    • Causes for IPR enforcement include more than just counterfeits

    What is Red Points?

    Red Points is the leading technology company that allows brands to detect and enforce possible intellectual property-infringing content on the internet. Based on predefined parameters set by each brand owner, suspicious content is flagged and sent to the intellectual property owner or their authorized representative for validation.

    This is how our solution works:

    Search algorithms scan online marketplaces and flag infringements.


    Incidents are judged, then rejected or accepted.

    Confirmed incidents are removed or de-indexed.

    All incidents are logged and updated in real-time.

    Is your brand being counterfeited? Request a demo and see for yourself

    What is our basis to report your content?

    We solemnly report intellectual property infringements. Your listings, content or post was probably validated by one of our clients for being related to one or more of the following types of IP infringement.


    A product that intends to imitate a genuine brand, sometimes with trademarked logo and design without permission, in order to deceive the customer into buying it.


    An infraction on a recognizable word, phrase, symbol or design that identifies the goods and services of a company, and distinguishes them from those of others.


    The violation of a legal right that creators have over their original, creative works, and which allows an infringer to exploit it. The works protected by copyright are various, including graphic works.


    The contravention of a set of rights granted by a government to a creator in order to protect an invention for a limited period of time.

    For more information, readers may take a look at Red Points’ Glossary, which contains quick explanations of certain industry terminology. If you think your content has been incorrectly reported, we recommend you contact us at appeals@redpoints.com

    Red Points brand protection demo

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