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In this eBook we share insights on how to successfully establish a brand in China and all the information business owners need to know if they are seeking to expand their organisations into this market. This document aims to provide useful tips and best practices regarding everything from distributors and customers to selling online.

This business case is for legal professionals working in intellectual property protection, either within a company or as part of a legal firm. The document aims to outline the cost of protecting a brand from IP infringements online and how Red Points technological service is able to maximise outputs and protection.

Want to see how our solution works in the real world? View a sample counterfeit report of a real client currently using our solution. This report will give you insights into the volume of IP infringing products, where they have been detected and the prices they were sold for.

Selecting a solution to protect your brand can be difficult, there are multiple options and services that all have their own unique selling points. This eBook explains industry terms and cuts through jargon, giving decision makers the power to make the right choice.

This eBook is a collection and summary of the leading industry and academic research into counterfeiting. It is a must read for any professional or individual who works with brands or intellectual property. The eBook explores the sources and the main drivers of this global problem.

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