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Your priorities, your rules: A personalized approach to Brand Protection
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Your priorities, your rules: A personalized approach to Brand Protection

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    Time is a resource under constant pressure, especially if you operate an ecommerce business in a fast-paced industry. One of the best ways to ensure you are using your time wisely is to prioritize the most important tasks and tackle them first. 

    When your business is constantly being targeted by intellectual property (IP) infringements, the detection and removal process can quickly become overwhelming, making  prioritizing is a big challenge . That’s why at Red Points, we’ve developed Custom Priorities feature. This feature will allow you to rid yourself of the most damaging infringers with simple prioritization tools that are tailored to your unique preferences. 

    In this blog we’ll be discussing a number of topics centered around  Custom Priorities including: 

    • Introducing Custom Priorities 
    • Flexibility and speed combined: accelerate infringement handling
    • How does the Custom Priorities feature work

    Tailored to your needs: introducing Custom Priorities 

    Custom Priorities is our innovative feature that will help to unlock your ability to deal with IP infringers efficiently. With Custom Priorities you can prioritize links automatically according to your particular business preferences. These can be adapted over time to suit your growing or diminishing needs. 

    This feature improves the visibility of high-risk and top priority infringement cases. Enhanced visibility will boost efficiency and transparency throughout the whole infringement processing timeline. 

    Custom Priorities will be built around your criteria. You can combine a diverse and unlimited selection of conditions to ensure that you are seeing and dealing with the most important IP infringement first. Custom priorities are tailored to your needs and set you on a fast-track to manage what matters most for you. 

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    Flexibility and speed combined: accelerate infringement handling

    In the past, infringement handling has been a slow and tedious manual process. Today, with automation, you can accomplish in minutes what used to take hours. In turn you can use the extra time and resources to focus on innovative solutions to boost revenue and edge past your competitors. 

    Our Custom Priorities feature accelerates infringement handling because it allows businesses to prioritize what is most impactful and damaging to them. Businesses can use their own strategies and priorities to inform and set rules that speed up the process of dealing with infringers and scammers. 

    Custom Priorities combine flexibility and speed to ensure faster and more precise incident management processing. It is one of Red Points’ key features that is helping us match our priorities with the priorities of businesses looking to safeguard their IP and brand. 

    How does it work?

    What makes Custom Priorities so powerful is the extensive levels of personalization. 

    The priorities shown in the platform are configured based on what is relevant to you and your business needs. To ensure the rules are tailor-made to your priorities, our team will meet with you to understand what you value most and where your most pressing pain points are located. Then you will be able to define the criteria together with a member of the team before they are implemented in the platform. 

    Once you’ve decided on the fields that you want to prioritize, we will then assign a priority level. There are 4 applicable levels: 

    • Critical 
    • High
    • Medium 
    • Low

    These levels will determine the order in which infringement incidents will be processed.  This will also be reflected in the way each incident is displayed within your Validation Board. Ultimately, this ensures that it is easy to see and control which incidents are most important. This system of simple and personalized prioritization will ensure that you are able to efficiently handle a diverse array of damaging infringement incidents as soon as they appear. 

    What’s Next

    Now, it’s time to act. By leveraging Custom Priorities you will be able to easily and flexibly deal with the most critical IP infringement incidents when they occur. Through simple prioritization tools, tailored to your needs, you will improve your enforcement speed, enhance the visibility of individual cases and take care of your brand’s IP more efficiently. 

    Custom Priorities is just one of the many new features we’re excited to introduce. To learn more about all of our upcoming releases, keep in touch.

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