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Revenue Recovery for the World’s Largest Brands
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Revenue Recovery for the World’s Largest Brands

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    How Red Points Recovers Revenue for the World’s Largest Brands: A Consumer Electronics Case

    As the CEO of an organization that empowers companies to recover digital revenue from bad actors, I can assure you that the more popular a brand becomes, the more complex the online fraud threat they face. 

    Most enterprise brands I speak with on a weekly basis have an extensive intellectual property portfolio that requires constant monitoring and protection. This is a difficult task even with the best of resources. This challenge has increased over the past few years with the sheer volume of counterfeit, piracy, and brand abuse infringements that are taking place online at astonishing levels of sophistication and speed. To face this problem you need a true team of brand leaders and a mature solution that can tackle this complexity at scale.

    Red Points is that solution. More than 300 software engineers and industry experts have built it together with some of the world’s largest companies for the past 8 years, and today it offers the most advanced and customizable suite of products in the market. 

    But don’t just take my word for it. 

    Let me tell you about our success story with one of the world’s largest consumer electronics brands. 

    Their extensive intellectual property portfolio includes thousands of design patents and trademarkss in 80+ jurisdictions. They face a massive volume of infringements due to their high market profile, with over 60k infringement alerts detected every week by our technology.

    Since we started working with them over 2 years ago, we have created hundreds of advanced keyword-based rules that search across e-commerce platforms in several languages and process thousands of results every day. We don’t just focus on the obvious signals of counterfeiting and fraud; our unique detection module widens the net to the limit where nothing potentially damaging is overlooked. All that is left to do is discard what is not relevant: our machine learning tech does that by analyzing fraud patterns on images, product design and features, logo, domain, sellers, country, price, stock, transactions, shipping information, reviews, and dozens of other indicators that have been configured specifically for this client, and the formulas self-improve continuously. Then, anything that falls under a predefined set of parameters is dealt with following the client’s instructions: discarded, reviewed by our experts, or automatically enforced.  

    This is a high-precision task. We have specific image recognition models trained to identify the design of our client’s products in photographs, which allows us to find and enforce knockoffs even when the trademarks are not used, the logo is missing, or the brand name has been hidden or altered. We have uploaded more than 200 known counterfeit images on a fingerprinting module that fast-tracks any listing containing them straight to takedown. I could keep going on for pages.

    This is, of course, a customized solution. No two brands are the same, not even in the same category. Our business rules and models are based on highly detailed product features and market data, and every infringement is processed following custom priority levels defined together with each customer – when you identify nearly one thousand infringements every day, you want those listings, pages, and sellers doing the worst business damage to be dealt with first.

    All of the above is about action, that’s where half of the success depends on. Intelligence represents the other half. 

    It is extraordinary to watch how many actionable insights can be extracted from a platform that processes more than 60 million links per day. Our enterprise customers and their Red Points success teams leverage tailored reporting to understand counterfeit trends that can be leveraged in discussions with platforms or to take offline action against relevant offenders. Tracking and documenting repeat infringer activity, revealing networks of sellers, running anonymous test buy programs, identifying new platforms to cover, or elaborating risk analysis and economic impact projections are some of the data-backed insights this customer uses to make impactful decisions.

    This is just one of the 1,200 stories of outstanding work that we keep on developing every day at Red Points, and I can’t be prouder of what we are achieving together with our brands. We really have opened a no-return path when it comes to fighting back against online fraud. 

    And, of course, it’s not stopping here. As they say, the best is yet to come.


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