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How to report a scammer on Lazada
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How to report a scammer on Lazada

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    With so many discounts and promotions to choose from, customers may be conflicted about which ecommerce platform offers the best value.

    In recent years, more people have started to embrace and live a digital lifestyle, making internet shopping easier than ever before. There was a time when most people shopped at physical stores. But due to restrictions and lockdowns, more and more people are turning to ecommerce as their preferred method of buying. Lazada counts among the popular marketplaces that benefited from this new trend. 

    Launched in 2012, Lazada is the number-one online shopping and selling destination in Southeast Asia – present in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. In September 2019, Lazada claimed it was the top ecommerce platform in Southeast Asia with more than 50 million active buyers annually.

    In this article, we go into how scams on Lazada happen and how you can report scammers on Lazada. 

    Scope of the problem

    New users, some of whom may be less tech-savvy than their more experienced colleagues, provide scammers with fertile ground in which to sprout and flourish.

    Between the impending Great Singapore Sale (GSS), the government’s recent heightened measures, and, as a result, the shutdown and restricted capacity of shopping malls, there’s plenty of opportunity for scammers to prey on naive consumers with various deceptions.

    Sending SMS messages to victims and promoting fraudulent jobs with high-paying wages while using businesses like Lazada to create the idea of trustworthiness are just a few recent examples. A vicious loop of corporations needing to remove things, only for new listings to appear just a few minutes later, has resulted in counterfeit goods being sold both offline and online.

    Lazada is also working with international authorities to guarantee that its efforts to be safe are paying off outside of Southeast Asia. U.S. Trade Representative’s 2020 Review of Notorious Markets for Counterfeiting and Piracy mentions a number of major ecommerce platforms as “exemplifying worldwide counterfeiting and piracy concerns,” yet the company does not appear on the list. However, it was not included in this year’s report either.

    How do Lazada scammers operate?

    Fake Lazada and Shopee lucky draw frauds have generated at least 90 police reports as of August 2019.

    In a September press release, the police stated that at least S$107,000 had been scammed between January and August of this year. In these cases, scammers imitating their Facebook and Instagram friends or followers contacted the victims.

    The scammers ask victims for their phone numbers and photos of their credit or debit cards in order to let them join up for lucky draws run by Lazada and Shopee, which they claim to be conducting.

    The One-Time Password (OTP) that was sent to the victims was also to be shared. Unauthorized card transactions on the accounts of the victims led them to believe they had been defrauded. The police have confirmed that Lazada and Shopee are not conducting any such lucky draws.

    Scammers imitating victims’ Facebook friends have also been known to ask victims for their mobile phone numbers and Grab OTP, according to the police.

    According to Lazada’s official SMS account in June 2021, there is a new fraud that uses one-time pins (OTPs) to deceive consumers into donating money.

    The most alarming aspect of the event is that it is still unclear how the Lazada SMS account was spoofed. Investigations are underway and users are urged to maintain their communications inside Lazada.


    How to report on Lazada

    In this section, we will go through the ways to report a buyer, a seller, and scammers on Lazada. 

    How do I report a seller on Lazada?

    The following are the steps you can take to report a Lazada seller:

    • Navigate to the seller’s store and click the ellipsis (…) icon located beside the search bar.
    • To provide feedback, click the “feedback” button.
    • To report products and potential frauds, click on “report products and potential scams”.
    • Indicate the reason for your complaint against the merchant. Provide as much detail as possible.
    • Submit.

    After performing a thorough investigation, Laxada will penalize the seller if they discover any infractions of their terms and conditions. 

    How do I report a buyer on Lazada?

    To report a buyer on Lazada, simply follow these simple steps:

    • On the “Seller Center,” sellers can report unfair and prejudiced customer feedback.
    • If abusive chat messages are sent, they can be reported and escalated to “Partner Support.”
    • If a buyer has a history of “failed delivery attempts and returns,” they can opt out of the COD option on their checkout page. This can be requested via Lazada’s “Customer Care” section.
    • If a buyer’s cancellation rate is excessive, they may be blacklisted from Lazada. You may report this to Lazada’s “Customer Care” department.

    How to report a scammer in Lazada?

    Scammers on Lazada can be reported in a variety of ways, and the process doesn’t need much manual effort. Infringing listings in more than 5000 marketplaces, such as Lazada, can be detected, validated, and removed thanks to Red Points brand protection technology.

    Trademark and copyright infringement allegations are frequently made against marketplaces. Several ways your brand’s reputation can be harmed if this issue is not addressed quickly are:

    • Marketplace sales decline as a result of infringing IP postings.
    • Unfair competition for your authorized distributors is created by low-cost counterfeit products.
    • User perception is distorted, putting consumers’ health and safety in danger.

    That’s why Red Points has built a proprietary workflow for detecting and takedown IP infringements on marketplaces in 3 simple steps.

    • Use bots to identify possible infringers across international marketplaces
    • Instantly initiate the enforcement procedure for specific sorts of infringements by employing automation to expedite the process.
    • Help brands evaluate the effectiveness of their trademark protection efforts with performance dashboards and reports. 

    What’s Next

    Scam strategies have developed over time, and it is necessary for ecommerce platforms to step up their governance mechanisms and public education activities in order to keep up with the times.

    Consumers and company owners alike can rest easy knowing that their brands and money are secure when they shop online, thanks to Red Points. 

    See how you can protect your brand on marketplaces with Red Points.


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