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How to report intellectual property infringements on Etsy
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How to report intellectual property infringements on Etsy

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    Has someone stolen your designs? Are they copying your branding, or using your art? These are all common copyright, trademark and intellectual property infringements that we’re familiar with at Red Points, so we’re here to help.

    Just follow our simple guide, and those infringing listings on Etsy can be taken down, and you can return to doing what you love!

    Step 1: Copyright or trademark? What to report?

    First things first, you’ll want to have all the important details ready, and this depends on what intellectual property right is being infringed.

    Etsy Copyright infringement

    Copyright protects creative work, such as photography, music, writing, videos, and so on.

    Etsy Trademark infringement, or counterfeit products

    Trademarks are used for anything that identifies a brand or business, such as names, symbols, images, slogans, etc. Counterfeits are imitations of legitimate products and are intended to deceive customers into thinking the item is authentic

    Patent infringement

    Patents protect inventions, innovative designs and functions, and machines.

    Need more clarification? Etsy has a dedicated intellectual property section on their site, full of legal information to make your experience simpler, found at

    Step 2: Preparing your Etsy intellectual property infringement report information

    So, now that you know what’s being infringed, we can move on to the next stage. Here, we’ll tell you what information you should have ready before you actually file your intellectual property infringement report on Etsy.

    Remember, you can keep adding cases of infringement to your report if someone’s copied a number of your products, but if you want to report different types of infringements, you should file separate cases.

    Information pertaining to all cases

    • Owner of the IP (contact info, address, and personal details)
    • Any relevant educational materials (optional)
    • Links to the Etsy pages infringing upon your work, or the Etsy listing ID

    Information needed, separated by type of infringement

    Etsy Copyright Infringement

    • Name or title of the copyrighted work
    • Online examples of the copyrighted work (prepare some URLs)
    • Where the copyright is registered
    • The registration Number

    Etsy Trademark Infringement or counterfeit

    • The trademark
    • The registration number
    • The jurisdiction of the trademark
    • Classes of trademark

    If you’re still waiting for a trademark application

    • The application or serial number
    • The jurisdiction of the trademark application
    • Classes of trademark
    • Legal basis for the claim of trademark rights
    • First year the trademark was used
    • Where the trademark is used

    Trademark (unregistered, but with the basis for rights)

    • The legal basis for the claim of trademark rights
    • First year the trademark was used
    • Where the trademark is used


    • The patent registration number
    • The jurisdiction of the patent

    Unregistered patents can’t be defended on Etsy. To defend your intellectual property, get your patent registered as soon as possible!

    Another type of infringement

    • Intellectual property being infringed
    • The legal basis for the claim

    Step 3: File your Etsy intellectual property infringement claim

    If you’ve prepared all your information, this next part is a breeze.

    Simply go to the reporting page at: You will arrive at a page shown in the image below.

    The Etsy IP infringement report form

    Fill in the boxes, follow the steps, and click submit.

    The Etsy legal team will review your case, and if all goes well, your IP rights will be protected. If, after 3 working days, you’ve received no confirmation, try filing the intellectual property infringement report a second time.

    What now?

    Ideally, you’ll never see a counterfeit on Etsy again! But, things aren’t ever that simple. You can report sellers on Etsy and report fake sellers as well as copyright and trademark  infringement one by one, but it’s a slow, inefficient process, and your counterfeit issue may be far deeper than you even realise. For a full, long-term solution to your counterfeit issues, or for any other issues you may be having, get in contact with us at We are experts in brand protection, and we’ll be happy to help put an end to your Etsy intellectual property, copyright and trademark infringements.

    Counterfeiters rarely stick to a single platform. For further help, we have more guides to offer:

     Red Points’ legal disclaimer.

    The contents of this publication do not necessarily reflect the position or opinion of Red Points. The services of the Red Points Blog are not of a legal or advisory nature and no responsibility is accepted for the results of any actions made on the basis of its services. Before taking specific actions in relation to Etsy intellectual property protection or enforcement all customers are advised to seek independent legal advice.

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