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Customers & fake sunglasses online

The sunglasses market is estimated to be worth nearly $90 billion USD but counterfeit sunglasses could be costing a figure of $2.2 billion every year. We conducted a survey to learn more about consumers’ buying habits and found interesting insights.

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Counterfeit watches online. Measuring consumer awareness & behaviour

The watch industry is one of the most affected by counterfeits, with hundreds of illegal copies being sold online everyday. We conducted a survey to find out more about consumers’ buying habits and product evaluation techniques.

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How the sale of counterfeit cosmetics affects brands

Counterfeit products on social media have become incredibly pervasive, reportedly costing about $75 million a year to the cosmetics industry. We conducted a survey to find out more about consumers’ buying habits and found interesting insights.

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Brand protection solution checklist

We take a look at the features your brand protection solution should cover and the key elements required to safeguard your business online and go through the best practices for staying up to date and employing a successful brand protection strategy for your brand.

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How counterfeits affect outdoor apparel brands

Now that China has become a major market for western outdoor apparel brands, the presence of fake items online has increased. We conducted a survey to learn more about consumer’s motivations and buying habits, to understand why drives them into buying counterfeit outdoor apparel.

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Brand protection evasion techniques & keyword cycles

Using a Spanish brand we currently protect, we take a look at the tactics counterfeiters are using in order to evade online brand protection strategies, as well as the evolution of keywords used to tag/ describe fake versions of their products.

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Counterfeit football shirts move to social media

In this report, we investigate the motivations driving counterfeiters into selling fake football jerseys through social media platforms. We collate the data from 3 major football clubs that we protect to see the change and growth of the counterfeit problem, and provide helpful insights that will help you protect your business.

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How fake products affect design homeware brands

As the homeware and furniture market grows, so does the number of counterfeits in online platforms. In order to understand what drives consumers into buying fake homeware and furniture items online, we conducted a survey and found some interesting insights.

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How fake toys on Amazon affect your business

We know that Amazon is deeply affected by fakes and to explore the effects of this, we spoke to parents in the U.S. about their experiences shopping online.

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How to Sell in China

In this eBook we share insights on how to successfully establish a brand in China and all the information business owners need to know if they are seeking to expand their organisations into this market.

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The Business Case for automating IP Protection

This business case is for legal professionals working in intellectual property protection, either within a company or as part of a legal firm.

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Counterfeiting, causes and consequences

This eBook is a collection and summary of the leading industry and academic research into counterfeiting.

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Millennials and Piracy trends

This eBook explores the attitudes and behaviours of millennials towards piracy, as despite the rise of on-demand streaming services the problem persists.

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