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A conversation with FOREO’s Vice General Manager & General Counsel
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A conversation with FOREO’s Vice General Manager & General Counsel

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    FOREO is a Swedish-based brand that combines function with beauty through their devices. Over 20 million people are currently using FOREO’s LUNA series as their go-to cleansing technology. As part of Red Points’ Brand Protection Heroes podcast, we’ve spoken to Evan Feldstein, Vice General Manager and General Counsel at FOREO. 

    If you want to get to know the hero behind FOREO’s brand protection efforts, head over to our podcast, Heroes of Brand Protection for the full interview or continue reading this article for a sneak peek into his journey. 

    Key takeaways:
    • Company business overview. 
    • Challenges faced by FOREO’s brand protection hero.
    • Advice for fellow intellectual property professionals. 

    The following is part of the transcript of Heroes of Brand Protection podcast, Episode 5 featuring a conversation between Evan Feldstein and Daniel Shapiro, Red Points’ VP of Brand Relationships. 

    Q stands for questions from Daniel Shapiro.

    Q: For those that may not know about your business, can you give a brief overview?

    We’re a beauty-tech brand that sells beauty devices as our bread and butter. FOREO is very innovative and we have multiple lines of products: LUNA, UFO, BEAR, IRIS, ESPADA, and ISA. 

    Our main line is the LUNA collection which comes in various sizes, shapes, and vibrational frequencies, among other features. The UFO collection does treatments of all sorts for your face: LED light, vibrational, heating and cooling. All these treatments are in conjunction with a number of sheet masks that help absorb various products in your face. Our BEAR collection consists of a microcurrent device that removes wrinkles and tightens muscles. As you can see, every collection has its purpose. 

    When I was first brought on, our main goal was to become larger than our main competitor. It turns out we’ve grown to be larger than them. They actually closed their doors a few months ago. 

    Q: What’s the hardest thing you have to do as a General Manager & General Counsel?

    Brand protection is totally integral to my role, and to the company’s success. Working with Red Points is one of my main focuses on a day to day basis. We have to constantly be on alert, we need to make sure we spend adequate time and money preparing and addressing any inconvenience. There are so many fake products coming from China that don’t use our trademarks or copyrighted images, and instead violate our utility patent rights.

    On a rather non legal side of things, it’s also challenging to deal with the way the company is structured. We have so many subsidiary offices throughout the globe, and each have their own cultural perspective on how things can be done. Determining a single unifying marketing message for the brand can be quite difficult. A certain message may speak one way to consumers in North America but very differently to those located in Brazil, China or South Korea. 

    Q: What advice would you give someone wanting to pursue a career similar to yours?

    The first it’s going to sound very cliche but it’s to work hard and smart, and try and have some fun as well. The one thing you really can’t replicate no matter how intelligent somebody might be is a good work ethic. If you don’t have a good work ethic your career is going to be a bit difficult.

    I would also advise on trying to find a niche, to find something that you could be either better at or more interested in. An example from my personal life is that half of one percent of all attorneys registered are patent attorneys, so this is my little niche. 

    Last but not least, take some time to make sure life is good for you, there’s more to life than work: workout, eat healthy, go do fun stuff, spend time with friends, family… I understand there’s a little bit of a dichotomy between saying work hard and go have some fun but those are two pieces of advice that I think are universally applicable.


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