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Discover the unknown with Custom Dashboards: diagnose, act, and stay ahead of scammers
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Discover the unknown with Custom Dashboards: diagnose, act, and stay ahead of scammers

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    Businesses are always searching for ways to receive faster, more personalized and more accurate information. When you have access to the most tailored and relevant insights you will be empowered to fulfill your business goals and gain an edge over your competitors. 

    With key data at your fingertips you will also be able to stay one step ahead of scammers looking to steal your intellectual property (IP) and leach off your hard work. 

    Today, Custom Dashboards are one of the best ways to receive personalized insights and a tailored view of the data that Red Points offers to its customers. Custom Dashboards grant businesses the ability to uncover the unknown and understand patterns which can be used to identify gaps and opportunities in the market. 

    In this blog we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about Custom Dashboards, including: 

    • Combating scammers with Custom Dashboards
    • Why Custom Dashboards are the key to smarter decisions

    Combating scammers with Custom Dashboards

    One of the main incentives for using Custom Dashboards is that they can help your business combat and overcome scammers. Red Points’ Custom Dashboards achieve this by leading with personalization and insightful strategies to meet your business needs. For example, via Custom Dashboards you can view C-level Executive Summaries that are tailored to your assets, the top domains, and the strategic countries in which you operate. 

    By exploring behavioral trends and learning more about the revenue impact you can start to get a grasp on the bad actors that are targeting your business. From pricing insights to top keywords used, you can use a variety of metrics to quantify the impact of the scammers. Ultimately, this gives you both macro and micro level insights which will allow you to guide your IP protection strategies towards success.

    Further, if there are particular license assets you need to monitor in order to protect partnerships you can do this all via the Custom Dashboards. With this level of control, and the variety of granular insights at your fingertips, you will be able to reveal pain points and cut off scammers at the source to build frictionless relationships with your licensees. 

    Intellectual property disputes are often multi-jurisdictional issues. That’s why our Custom Dashboards can be used to strategize IP rights filings in a range of jurisdictions. This will ensure you have comprehensive, up-to-date protection against scammers from all around the world. 

    The diversity of reports displayed via the Custom Dashboards will also provide you with the information you need to counter the adaptability of infringers and online scammers.  Using these reports your business can more efficiently identify problem areas and target the most damaging bad actors. Custom Dashboards will then provide an easy way to share information across platforms, and teams, with flexible data export. The end result being that you ingest a vast number of relevant data quickly and disseminate this information to the relevant decision makers and problem solvers with speed. 

    Why Custom Dashboards are the key to smarter decisions

    In business, informed decision-making is often the difference between success and failure. If you lack a diverse selection of updated relevant and insightful data you are liable to make poor decisions that put your business and your IP at risk. At Red Points our Custom Dashboards seek to alleviate the pressure on businesses at the decision-making stage by delivering granular, insightful and personalized data. 

    Our Custom Dashboards capture over 600 data points which companies can then leverage to understand how their products, services and IP are being infringed across multiple marketplaces and platforms. This level of micro-control enables you to access insights that are unique to your business. In turn you can reveal powerful insights that will help you make more informed decisions and target scammers more effectively. 

    What’s next

    With access to personalized and relevant data, teams can stay one step ahead of scammers and gain a competitive edge in the market. Custom Dashboards provide a unique opportunity to uncover unknown patterns, identify gaps and opportunities in the market, and strategize IP rights filings in a variety of jurisdictions. To learn more about how Custom Dashboards can help your business, request a demo today

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