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Seller Lists: A solution to speed up infringement processing
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Seller Lists: A solution to speed up infringement processing

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    For businesses trying to cope with a continuous influx of potential infringements, the processing time of these incidents can be complex and expensive. One of the best ways to approach this problem is by categorizing different sellers and prioritizing those which have the potential to do the most damage to your business. 

    For many years this process of categorizing and prioritizing has involved many tedious and difficult manual steps. Today, thanks to the power of automation, there is now an ideal alternative solution: Seller Lists. 

    In this blog we will explore: 

    • How to streamline your infringement processing with Seller Lists
    • The power of automation
    • How Seller Lists work

    Streamline your infringement processing with Seller Lists

    At Red Points, the Seller Lists feature is a way for you to classify sellers into three different lists so that you can better manage and act against them. These three lists (Deny, Allow and Watchlist) will allow you to streamline your infringement process and ensure you take efficient action against unauthorized sellers. This kind of management process is particularly useful when dealing with fast-moving online environments and marketplaces where you are constantly confronted by thousands of potential infringements. 

    Seller Lists can help accelerate infringement processing because they allow you to classify sellers logically so that you can more quickly takedown unauthorized sellers and discard the legitimate sellers. They allow businesses to maximize the impact of the infringement process by ensuring that no stone is left unturned. 

    At Red Points, we are all about revenue recovery. We empower businesses to recover the revenue lost to counterfeiters and scammers so that they can grow organically and protect their brand. Our Seller Lists feature helps us accomplish this revenue recovery mission by allowing businesses to pursue unauthorized sellers more efficiently. 

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    The power of automation

    The digital world is ruthlessly fast-paced. Today, the best way to keep up is by implementing automated processes throughout your business. This is particularly true if you are a brand looking to find, pursue and takedown scammers who are infringing your brand’s intellectual property (IP).

    Red Point’s Seller Lists are a prime example of the power of automation. This feature enables businesses to classify sellers into the following lists: 

    • Deny list – these are unauthorized sellers, therefore any future incidents from these sellers will require enforcement. 
    • Allow list – these are authorized sellers, therefore any future detection will be discarded. 
    • Watchlist – a list to help you further monitor and investigate specific sellers that may be a risk to your brand.

    Below we’ve highlighted some of the key benefits of this automated Seller Lists feature:

    • Improve efficiency

    The Seller Lists feature simplifies the process of identifying, managing and processing infringement incidents. It is an easy categorization tool that will improve efficiency by making each type of seller more visible and understandable. 

    • Save time

    Our Seller Lists include a variety of time-saving features for brands that need to accomplish their infringement processing quickly. You can classify individual sellers directly through the portal without asking for support or permission from your CSM via email. This will help you avoid repetitive tasks and unnecessary communication. 

    • Enhance scalability

    We understand that most businesses want to grow quickly. The Seller Lists feature automates the infringement management process in a way that is efficient and scalable. You can start dealing with unauthorized sellers at scale with more speed and precision than any manual process could replicate. 

    Seller Lists: How do they work?

    Seller Lists enable users to assign each individual seller to a particular list: Deny, Allow or Watchlist. They can be displayed in both list and card views for ease-of-use. You can simply click on “Take actions over this seller”, and then assign them to the appropriate list. 

    Following classification, and depending on where the seller is assigned, the seller will then automatically be prioritized for enforcement (Deny), discarded from future detections (Allow), or identified as needing further monitoring and investigation (Watchlist). This simple process will allow you to speed up the infringement processing stage and ensure your brand can focus more time and money on elements that will maximize revenue. 

    Ultimately, the simple functionality of Seller Lists allows brands to prioritize the removal of high-risk sellers, optimize IP strategies and understand how their products are being sold online. It is an effective tool for IP protection powered by sophisticated automation and designed with brands’ needs in mind. 

    What’s Next

    Seller Lists could be the key to unlocking the potential of your infringement processing strategy. With Red Point’s Seller Lists feature you save time, boost scalability and more efficiently deal with unauthorized sellers. So, if you want to improve your infringement removal process you need to start leveraging Seller Lists as soon as possible. 

    This feature is just one of many enhancements that we’re excited to introduce. We invite you to stay tuned for all the upcoming releases by keeping in touch with us.

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