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How to report a counterfeit on Trendyol
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How to report a counterfeit on Trendyol

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    Trendyol, one of Turkey’s largest ecommerce platforms, attracts over 222 million monthly visitors and holds a significant share of the country’s fashion market. With such a vast reach, the issue of counterfeit products becomes increasingly prevalent, posing challenges for consumers and legitimate businesses alike. 

    This article explores the process of identifying and reporting counterfeit products on Trendyol and other mechanisms available for brands to safeguard their sales and reputation on this leading online marketplace.

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    What’s Trendyol

    Headquartered in Istanbul, Trendyol is an ecommerce platform based in Turkey. Alibaba currently holds the majority share of the company, investing over $1 billion between 2018 and 2020.  Operating on a B2B2C marketplace model, multiple sellers can choose from a wide range of products that include electronics, beauty, fashion, and groceries. 

    As of March 2024, trendyol.com is Turkey’s most visited marketplace website, with over 222 million monthly visitors. The ecommerce website also owns a 25-30% market share of Turkey’s fashion industry. We need not look further than their financial statements to contextualize Trendyol’s massive success in the Turkish marketplace. In 2022, Trendyol.com would clock in a massive $3.73 billion in total revenue. Hepsiburada (another Turkish marketplace) comes in as a not-so-close second, with its total revenue standing at $769 million for the same time frame. 

    Scope of the problem

    Fighting counterfeits is an ongoing battle in the online market space, especially with a platform renowned for diverse product offerings and high consumer traffic. This issue mirrors global ecommerce challenges where as many as 7 out of 10 shoppers have fallen victim to purchasing counterfeit products via ecommerce websites or social media. 

    While no major research center has done a major study on counterfeit products in Trendyol, reports from customers can be found on forums and Trendyol itself. 

    The proliferation of these products not only undermines consumer trust but also affects legitimate vendors, as cheaper, inferior counterfeits often overshadow quality products. 

    To combat the further proliferation of counterfeit products, Trendyol continues to use advanced techniques such as image recognition technology, data analytics, and manual review processes in an effort to track irregular seller activity and halt rapidly evolving counterfeit tactics. 

    While it’s difficult to ascertain the percentage of counterfeit products on Trendyol due to confidentiality, counterfeit presence reflects the broader trends in online retail, where platforms constantly battle to maintain the integrity of their marketplace. Each year, $2 trillion worth of counterfeit products are sold to global consumers, nearly 4.5 times larger than the $464 billion worth of counterfeit products sold in 2019. 

    The risks of counterfeit on Trendyol

    The presence of counterfeit products on ecommerce platforms poses several significant risks to consumers, sellers, and the marketplace itself:

    Financial losses

    Counterfeit products can lead to substantial financial losses for all parties involved. Businesses suffer as counterfeits often offer similar products at a lower cost, given that they often use lower-quality materials and aren’t held to the same safety standards as genuine products. When these products are sold on online marketplaces, consumers will eventually mistrust platforms like Trendyol and move to competitors, affecting traffic and sales. For both businesses and marketplaces, the cost to combat counterfeits, spread through litigation, enforcement, and brand protection strategies, also requires substantial financial investment they may not have accounted for in their budget. 

    Erosion of trust

    Counterfeit products passed off as genuine products will deteriorate a brand’s image, especially when they aren’t held to the same quality standards as genuine products. When dealing with counterfeits, consumers often end up with low-quality products made with low-quality and potentially unsafe materials, which is especially paramount in industries such as pharmaceuticals and children’s toys. 

    Since the advent of online marketplaces, 52% of toy brands have seen an increase in fake toys. Many fake toys have toxic and heavy materials like lead and phthalates that could potentially damage internal organs when ingested, hence the need for higher quality standards.

    The regulatory standards that legitimate producers are held to do not apply to their counterfeit counterparts. 

    While these risks remain a high priority, organizations continue to have trouble detecting and mitigating counterfeit products due to the sophisticated methods used by counterfeiters. High-quality fakes, stolen product photos, and evasion techniques are used congruently to deceive both consumers and most automated detection systems. 

    Counterfeiters increasingly use advanced techniques such as AI and machine learning models to create and list counterfeit products that are visually and descriptively similar to genuine items without setting off brand protection systems. Yet despite these advancements, only 51% of companies use artificial intelligence (AI) for cyber security and fraud management. As counterfeiters become better at leveraging AI to evade brand protection techniques, Trendyol sellers need to begin serious conversations on what they can do to preemptively identify potential counterfeit listings and proactively take them down. 

    How to report a counterfeit on Trendyol 

    Trendyol is committed to providing a great user experience for all their customers. When it comes to reporting fake products, Trendyol outlines its product report mechanism as follows:

    • Reporting a legal concern

    Reporting a fake product can be accomplished digitally. A “report a legal concern” button can be found on their respective product page. 

    Choose the relevant category, like Intellectual property concerns, and select the right category, whether the product is infringing on your trademark or copyright, or is a counterfeit.

    • Review

    During this time, Trendyol commits to reviewing the platform promptly, thoroughly, and objectively to fully understand the situation. Before sending in a report, ensure that all information included is accurate, complete, and accomplished in good faith. 

    • Resolution

    Trendyol’s terms and conditions highlight the number of actions that a company may take in response to a report, including full or partial suspension, account blocking, or termination.

    Before providing any restriction, Trendyol will clearly explain the type of restriction imposed, the relevant facts and circumstances, as well as possible legal remedies. Users may also appeal the decision made or action taken by Trendyol within six months following the decision or apply for out-of-court dispute resolution by a certified out-of-court dispute resolution body as outlined by The European Commission

    Strategies for protecting your brand against counterfeiting on Trendyol

    Instead of waiting on Trendyol’s action, you may want a proactive approach to brand protection and implement a technological strategy to save you time and money on legal fees and internal resources. Brands looking to safeguard their reputation and sales on Trendyol can benefit immensely from Red Points’ comprehensive Brand Protection Solution. Here’s how:

    1. Automated detection and enforcement

    Red Points leverages advanced AI technologies to automate the detection of counterfeit listings. By conducting broad searches that include expansive keyword and image searches across marketplaces like Trendyol, Red Points efficiently identifies potential infringements. Once detected, the system automatically initiates the takedown process, ensuring a swift response to protect your brand.

    2. Real-time monitoring and validation

    The platform continuously monitors listings and validates detected incidents using AI models and advanced image technologies like logo and object recognition. This real-time capability allows brands to stay ahead, ensuring that counterfeit listings are identified and addressed promptly.

    3. High enforcement success rate

    Red Points boasts a high enforcement success rate, with significant percentages across various industries—demonstrating their effectiveness in removing counterfeit listings from platforms including major e-commerce sites. For brands on Trendyol, this translates into more secure sales channels and reduced risk of counterfeit infiltration.

    4. Extensive coverage and transparency

    Red Points covers a variety of channels from online marketplaces to social media and standalone sites, providing brands with comprehensive protection. The transparency of the process is enhanced through performance dashboards that offer insights and real-time data about enforcement actions, allowing brands to track and measure the impact of their brand protection efforts.

    5. Customizable and scalable solutions

    Whether you are a small startup or a large corporation, Red Points offers scalable solutions tailored to the specific needs of your brand. This customization extends to the management of various incidents of brand abuse, including counterfeits, replicas, and copyright violations.

    6. Legal and investigative support

    Beyond automated systems, Red Points provides expert legal and investigative support to handle complex counterfeit situations. This includes in-field investigations, test purchases, and the gathering of evidence, which are crucial for legal actions against persistent counterfeiters.

    7. Economic impact

    With documented success in mitigating revenue loss from counterfeits, Red Points not only helps reclaim lost sales but also enhances overall brand integrity. Brands on Trendyol can utilize detailed economic impact reports to understand and communicate the financial benefits of effective brand protection.

    By integrating Red Points’ solution into your brand protection strategy on Trendyol, you can effectively mitigate the risks associated with counterfeit goods, protect your revenue, and maintain the integrity of your brand.

    What’s next

    Trendyol’s efforts to combat counterfeit products are set to intensify. The platform will focus on enhancing its AI-driven detection capabilities to swiftly and accurately address counterfeit activities. Strengthening partnerships with brands and regulators will also be essential in maintaining Trendyol’s defenses against fraud. Educating consumers about the risks and signs of counterfeit products is another priority, empowering them to make informed choices.

    If you’re interested in exploring the latest strategies to combat counterfeits, request a demo to connect with one of our Brand Protection experts and discuss customized options best suited to your needs. 

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