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What to expect from the best brand protection software
Brand Protection
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What to expect from the best brand protection software

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    In today’s global online market, counterfeits and infringers are one of the most challenging issues brands are facing – potentially putting both a company’s profits and reputation in danger. By trying to fight off fakes and infringers manually, many businesses find themselves on a treadmill, wasting their resources while competing against a daunting number of incidents. Fortunately, there are technological solutions that provide effective and scalable results. But how can you assess which is the best brand protection software? In this article, we highlight what you should consider when choosing a provider. 


    • Understand how brand protection software works 
    • How to identify what makes brand protection software efficient 
    • Getting the best comprehensive solution to cover your brand 

    What is brand protection software? 

    Brand protection software prevents infringements of a company’s intellectual property (IP), products and services. It monitors online products and pricing information to ensure that distribution, sales and brand information are in line with a company’s policies. When working with resellers, it can be challenging to keep control of where and how a brand’s products and services are being sold online. Therefore, companies use brand protection software to protect themselves from counterfeiters, copyright violators and infringers of patents, color marks and other types of IP. 

    What should you expect from a brand protection software? 

    1. Increase your visibility. Become more efficient

    Stop limited manual search

    Many brand protection software providers monitor and take down counterfeiters manually. This technique might go along with a cheap price, yet it is usually outweighed by its disadvantages. Manual detection can only take down a limited number of counterfeiters which leaves other fakes unidentified as counterfeiters can spawn a daunting number of listings. Requesting additional takedowns from their providers then comes with extra costs for brands.   

    Reduce time spent reviewing countless results 

    As businesses always budget their time resources, reading, analyzing and understanding a large amount of brand protection data, can be more of a hindrance than being effective. The best brand protection software solutions, therefore, provide the outcome of protective actions in customizable dashboards and reports that suit the individual interests of brands.  

    Increase detection and enforcement rates

    Within the range of available software solutions, the ability that a provider can improve detection and enforcement of counterfeits is what separates the wheat from the chaff. Through machine learning, the software can learn from each incident and becomes more efficient with each detection. 

    1. Detect more. See beyond.

    Scan high volumes of images and detect more infringements

    While some providers merely rely on keyword searches to detect counterfeits, it is better to choose a brand protection system that incorporates image recognition. This is crucial because many counterfeits use design replicas without using the brand’s name and are therefore difficult to detect by solely using keyword recognition. By scanning images, brands can detect their products in altered photos, for example, and take immediate action to take down counterfeits. 

    Reduce reliance on costly analyst time from brand protection analysts

    Making sense of brand protection data can be challenging and outsourcing the review process might be tempting. However, paying analysts is expensive and also comes with the dependency on a second party. Modern software solutions substitute pricey analysts and display data in an easy-to-understand format while maintaining a high level of detail. 

    Speed up ROI by reducing the detection-to-enforcement-time

    Ultimately the best brand protection software needs to deliver optimal results, hence a good return on investment. This is the case when monitoring, identifying and enforcing infringements function effectively and quickly. Preventing or reclaiming lost revenues from infringers can save a brands’ profits. 

    3. Prioritize and measure. Get the big picture.

    Dissuade recurrent infringers by quickly taking down new fake listings.

    An automated quick and comprehensive brand protection system prevents a whack-a-mole game with counterfeiters. Like a manual – and in the long run – inefficient search for fakes always leaves space for infringers, the best brand protection software solutions disincline infringers from continued abusive actions by fast takedowns of new counterfeits.  

    Identify high-risk networks.

    Advanced brand protection software not only gives full coverage of the online counterfeit network but also ranks infringements based on their level of risk for a brand. This enables companies to focus on the most urgent incidents within a sometimes large number of cases.

    Observe trends, prioritize future actions and take strategic decisions.

    As in any other clandestine field, counterfeiters and infringers are always looking for new opportunities to exploit online markets. A brand protection software should be able to make blind spots visible and give brands insights on how to adapt to their counterparts in ways to take strategic action to protect their business interests.     

    What makes Red Points’ software different?

    Red Points is the fastest-growing brand protection software in the market, with over 40 brands joining us every month and the most widely used. That is because we offer a unique service that differentiates us from competitors.

    Our technology doesn’t sleep so you don’t need to rely on costly lawyer or analyst hours; our fees are flat so that seasonality or infringer’s behavior doesn’t impact your costs; our team of experts advise 1000 brands across all industries so that you can focus on your business’s core objectives and growth. 

    How does Red Points work?

    Red Points brand protection software covers your brand by comprehending the full range of cutting-edge solutions to fight off counterfeiters and infringers. 

    Detect fakes online around the clock and across the globe with efficient technological features: Bot-powered search identifies potential infringements across marketplaces and websites; Image recognition scans photos to identify counterfeits where sole keyword search reaches its limits; Machine learning makes detection of fakes self-improving and suggests new rules and keyword opportunities. 

    Remove counterfeits automatically or undertake enforcement actions based on reviewing individual detections: Automation rules allow setting up codes of practice that instantly initiate enforcements against counterfeits; Validation cards use images to validate, put on hold or reject detected incidents; High-risk shortlist ranks infringements based on their potential risk for your brand.  

    Measure the outcome of your brand protection actions by displaying data in customized dashboards and reports: Economic impact – review reclaimed or protected revenues from IP infringers; Output reports reveal the force of your protective actions through various templates; Data extraction – utilize data tailor-made for your interests or access our API.   


    Protecting your brand against a conspirative swarm of counterfeiters and infringers requires a powerful and efficient tool. We have outlined that manual detection of fakes, working with costly analysts fees and static non-improving technologies are both time and money consumptive. The best brand protection software should provide a comprehensive package that identifies and enforces on infringements fast and effectively and displays the impact of your brand protection actions that are tailored to your needs. 
    Evaluate the benefits of using Red Points brand protection technology with a personalized demo and a walkthrough of its software features here: Request Demo

    Red Points brand protection product guide

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