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[Webinar] Image recognition versus fashion infringements
2 mins

[Webinar] Image recognition versus fashion infringements

Table of Contents:


    Whether it’s blockchain taking over how counterfeiters operate or infiltrating social media and influencing how “reps” are accepted in youth culture, the online fakes landscape has shifted.

    Fashion brands are finding copies of their new collections that are even hard for experts to differentiate. Counterfeiters have been known to copy the look and feel of a fashion piece, which is not always considered a trademark infringement.

    What rings true for fashion brands in the know is that relying on keyword searches to find counterfeits is not enough. Counterfeiters are getting caught by online brand protection, but many are learning from their mistakes, fast. Technology must act faster.

    At Redpoints, we’re seeing more and more cases of fashion brands suffering from copies of their products. And when your copycats are producing their own photos with a copy of your product, you have to take one step further than simply protecting your copyright images.

    The image recognition technology that is used by our team goes beyond detecting copyrighted images; New developments in this area means that specific details of a product within an image can be detected. Images that have been taken by counterfeiters themselves, with their own model and replica product can also be detected. This gives a much higher volume of detection and has seen major improvements in how to tackle the issue of both counterfeits and replicas.

    In this webinar, we focused on the lastest use of image recognition technology to effectively detect a brand’s asset in a non-copyrighted image.

    This webinar gives brands insight on the technology at hand for fashion brands to tackle the issue of unbranded fakes. Here is the link to the on-demand webinar.

    Key takeaways:

    • Brand protection advice and methodologies for fashion companies
    • Strategies for protecting against unbranded copies of products
    • How image recognition is used to fight difficult infringements
    • A demo of how image recognition accelerates brand protection


    Daniel Shapiro, Strategic partnership director at Red Points (moderator)
    After working at Macy’s and eBay, Daniel joined Red Points to lead the company’s strategic partnership with ecommerce platforms, websites, IP firms and other stakeholders. Daniel was a Senior Manager of Brand Protection at eBay, where he led international teams in the disruption of counterfeits worldwide.

    Juan Galdeano, Chief Technology Officer at Red Points (speaker)
    With over twenty years’ experience in software development, Juan Galdeano is designing and implementing the fast-moving Red Points technology. Under his leadership, the Technology team aim
    to deliver the best online brand protection technology in the market.

    Oli Bolton, Head of Solution Engineering in Sales at Red Points (speaker)
    With over 5 years experience dealing with ecommerce platforms and online buyer behavior, Oliver leads the global Solution Consultant team helping brands apply the correct Brand Protection strategy fit to their needs.


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