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[Webinar] Protecting intellectual property in emerging markets
2 mins

[Webinar] Protecting intellectual property in emerging markets

Table of Contents:

    Red Points is hosting a webinar focused on a new report from the EU Commission, along with how brands can craft a holistic brand protection strategy that includes emerging markets to yield more effective results. Guidelines will be shared on how to leverage visual data to gain an in-depth analysis of your brand’s online presence.
    Intellectual property rights infringements worldwide cost firms billions of dollars (USD) in lost revenue and put thousands of jobs at risk. A strong brand protection strategy requires a holistic approach, covering both major ecommerce sites as well as regional platforms such as MercadoLibre in Latin America or Jumia in Africa.

    In fact, a new report suggests that a bigger focus on emerging markets is now required by brands. In its latest iteration of the EU Commission’s “Protection and enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in third countries” report, new “Priority Countries” in LATAM, EMEA and APAC have been highlighted as posing a threat to IP rights holders.

    The webinar was streamed on Thursday, January 30th at 4 pm. Watch the full webinar here.

    Key takeaways: 

    1. The new geographical priorities right holders should focus efforts on
    2. First-hand stories of how Red Points helped renowned brands leverage data to enhance efficiency in detecting and enforcing online counterfeits 
    3. Get a sneak peek on how our platform can help you get the full picture over your online presence


    Jordi AdriĂ 
    Platforms and Policy Specialist at Red Points
    Jordi joined Red Points two years ago as a Platforms & Policy Specialist. He holds a degree in Law and a Master’s in Intellectual Property. Jordi is in charge of developing policies that ensure brands are safe online and are up to date with current trends. He also drives strategic communications with eCommerce websites.

    Anastasia Pozidi
    Senior Customer Success Manager
    Anastasia holds a B.A in Law and Masters in Intellectual Property Law. Prior to joining Red Points, she worked for a variety of law firms and in house at the patent department of Ericsson. At Red Points, Anastasia assists mid-market and enterprise clients with their global online brand protection.

    Oli Bolton
    Head of Solution Engineering in Sales
    With over 5 years’ experience dealing with ecommerce platforms and online buyer behavior, Oliver leads the global Solution Consultant team helping brands apply the correct Brand Protection strategy fit to their needs.

    Laetitia Woue
    PR Manager at Red Points
    Laetitia has been working in communications and digital marketing for over 5 years and is responsible for Red Points’ Communications Department. Red Points’ proprietary software currently removes hundreds of thousands incidents of illegal products and content from the web monthly, across over 100 online marketplaces and social networks.


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