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Seller Risk Score: A solution for predictive analytics
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Seller Risk Score: A solution for predictive analytics

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    The expansion of online retail has been accompanied by a significant rise in the activities of infringing sellers. This evolving challenge demands innovative solutions for brand protection. Introducing the Seller Risk Score: a dynamic and essential tool that equips businesses to identify the riskiest sellers who infringe on their intellectual property rights online 

    In this blog, we’ll explore its fundamental role in identifying and quantifying the risk of infringing sellers, its integration into brand protection strategies, and its transformative impact in steering businesses toward safer and more reliable online transactions.

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    What is Seller Risk Score?

    At its core, Red Points’ Seller Risk Score empowers companies to see and take action first over online infringements with higher levels of risk.  Whether it’s recurring incidents or potential risks, the Seller Risk Score gives you the edge to make informed choices and prioritize your brand protection actions, so you can focus on being strategic, staying sharp, and effortlessly safeguarding your brand.

    The Seller Risk Score helps businesses stay one step ahead of scammers by predicting future fraudulence based on data.

    How does it work?

    A seller’s risk score, also known as a “percentile,” is a dynamic metric calculated by evaluating a seller’s infringements or incidents over the past 180 days. It then places the seller in comparison to others. A higher percentile indicates a higher risk. 

    The percentile system focuses on three key metrics: the seller’s number of confirmed infringements, the seller’s reach calculated by a comparison of their stocks, transactions, and reviews, and the platform risk they are selling in. 

    This approach allows users to speed up the infringements review process, and gives peace of mind to our customers, knowing that they are taking action over the sellers that are affecting your brand the most first. 

    Why is the Seller Risk Score a must-have for your brand protection strategy?

    When it comes to protecting your brand, the Seller Risk Score isn’t just a tool; it’s a game-changer. While some risk tools focus on domain risk scores, Red Points redefines the idea of risk by assessing sellers. This gives companies a well-rounded and balanced view across all platforms, ultimately increasing understanding of the user base.

    Here’s how we do it:

    The Seller Risk Score combines infringement stats with seller reach, covering stocks, reviews, and transactions. It’s a predictive tool that will help brands strategize the impact of all sellers on their platform.

    Putting precision front and center, we can spot the riskiest sellers effortlessly and guide strategic takedowns. But the scope of the tool goes beyond products and sales. It spotlights sellers that are infringing on other companies as well, safeguarding the community and helping brands develop a reputation as a safer place to sell. For new or old customers, that’s a win-win.

    When the most high-risk sellers have been identified, brands can merge their scores with Custom Priorities to take actions like labeling listings from high-risk sellers as Critical. It can seamlessly integrate with existing workflows and offers evidence-based insights that can keep customers safe. 

    Ultimately, the Seller Risk Score is a time-saving ally for companies. It tackles what matters most first, making it easier for businesses to streamline their efforts and protect their brand efficiently. 

    Why is it important to prioritize sellers?

    Prioritizing sellers is one of the most important elements to consider when it comes to creating an effective brand protection strategy. Speed is key, and focusing on high-risk sellers is the best way to ensure swift responses to any potential threats. This improves your defenses and puts your business in a better position to get ahead of online fraud risks.

    By putting sellers in the spotlight, brands can pinpoint the most impactful actions to protect themselves. It also gives customers the peace of mind that your business is working with their best intentions at the fore. By dealing with high-risk sellers in order of priority, you can maximize the impact of your effort by dealing with issues before your customers take the brunt.

    What’s next

    By focusing on high-risk sellers, companies can not only protect their brand but also ensure a safe and trustworthy marketplace for their customers. The Seller Risk Score, with its predictive capabilities and integration into existing workflows, is an indispensable asset for any business looking to fortify its defenses in the digital world. As the online market continues to grow, having a robust brand protection strategy with tools like the Seller Risk Score is essential for staying ahead of potential risks and maintaining the integrity of your brand.

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