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How AI and ChatGPT fraud is impacting businesses and how to mitigate it
Impersonation Removal
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How AI and ChatGPT fraud is impacting businesses and how to mitigate it

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    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly becoming a tool of mischief and destruction in the hands of digital scammers who want to steal from legitimate businesses and unwitting customers. 

    In recent months, ChatGPT has emerged as the most popular AI tool for a variety of purposes. The natural language processing (NLP) platform has made it easier than ever to instantly generate convincing text, malicious code, and deceptive information. 

    For many businesses, the rise of AI platforms like ChatGPT has created a refreshed security concern regarding phishing attacks, impersonation, and hacks. Legitimate businesses are now having to spend time and resources to ensure they are not targeted by AI fraudsters. But, is this investment worth it? How can businesses combat the frightening evolution of platforms like ChatGPT that are so susceptible to misuse and abuse? 

    In this blog, we’ll be delving into how AI and ChatGPT fraud is impacting businesses and how to mitigate the effects on your business. To do so, we’ll be focussing on a number of topics, including: 

    • What is AI and ChatGPT fraud?
    • How can brands protect themselves from AI and ChatGPT fraud?
    • How does Red Points protect businesses from being impacted by AI and ChatGPT fraud?
    • The future landscape of AI and ChatGPT fraud prevention

    What is AI and ChatGPT fraud?

    Every day more scammers are turning to AI to devise, power, and run their scams on online brands, businesses, and their customers. AI has a variety of uses. As a result, AI scams appear in a diverse variety of forms. AI can be used in phishing attacks, the production of fake websites, as well as hacking and password-cracking operations. Each of these fraudulent scams is made easier because AI technology enables bad actors to easily create a vast amount of fake information for complex and specific scenarios. 

    In particular, in recent months we have seen ChatGPT become the tool of choice for digital fraudsters. ChatGPT’s capacity to churn out sophisticated passages of text tailored to a specific purpose makes it ideal for phishing emails and messages. Equally, any user can ask ChatGPT for advice on how to quickly create fake websites that can be used to induce people to give over their sensitive financial information. This level of fraud is hard to combat. But there must be something businesses can do. 

    Red Points' business impersonation removal

    How can brands protect themselves from AI and ChatGPT fraud?

    • Registering intellectual property

    The first, and perhaps most crucial, step you should take is to register your intellectual property. Whether you are dealing with content that can be protected by copyright, trademark or a patent you need to file your application with the relevant authority as soon as possible e.g. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, or the U.S. Copyright Office

    This will give you a reliable and formal legal route to defend your business if it is attacked by fraudsters. Additionally, if you display copyright or trademark symbols on your content this may also have the effect of deterring potential fraudsters from targeting your business. Ultimately, registering your intellectual property is a vital first step you must take to protect your business from AI and ChatGPT fraud. 

    • Continuous Monitoring

    Businesses with registered intellectual property and an established online presence need to monitor online channels to order better protect their brand. An effective monitoring approach should include social media, online marketplaces, online domain names, and app stores. It’s important to note that even if your business or brand doesn’t have an established presence on a given channel, such as certain marketplaces or particular social media platforms, that does not mean you should not monitor them closely, in fact, it’s the opposite. Bad actors that seek to profit off your brand’s likeness will typically seek places where you haven’t established a presence so that they can scam as many people as possible before they are taken down.

    • Employee education programs

    Next, you should start to educate your workforce about the danger of AI and ChatGPT fraud. An informed employee base makes your business less vulnerable to threats from fraudsters. 

    On the other hand, if you fail to educate your employees they will become easy targets for digital scammers. They may fall for scams that divulge company secrets or open links that can download harmful materials. This proactive approach of educating your employees will ensure that your business is running a tight defensive operation even before any scammers come knocking. 

    • Customer education programs

    As well as educating your employees, it is important to educate your customers. After all, customers will often be the target of AI phishing and impersonation scams. The more they know about the threat of AI fraud the more prepared they will be to defend themselves. 

    Customers also serve as an avenue through which scammers will try to attack your business. Therefore, educating your customers will have the knock-on effect of keeping your business safe from impersonation scams. 

    • Using an impersonation prevention software

    The most effective step you can take to earn comprehensive protection is to invest in impersonation prevention software.  Red Points’ Impersonation Removal Software is one of the leading solutions on the market and a vital tool used by many businesses to tackle AI and ChatGPT fraud. 

    How does Red Points protect businesses from being impacted by AI and ChatGPT fraud?

    Red Points protects businesses from the dangers of AI and ChatGPT with simple and effective Impersonation Removal Software. Our solution has been tailored to allow businesses to get unlimited takedowns of fake accounts, apps, sites, and malicious domains. 

    The speed and scale of fraud that AI platforms enable mean that you can only fight back if you too have an efficient and comprehensive solution. Red Points Impersonation Removal Software is exactly that and it works via three simple steps: 

    • Monitor and Detect

    Our software monitors the web around the clock. The automated bot-powered allows us to scour a variety of websites including social media, marketplaces, and stand-alone pages. Through this detection system, you will be able to gain a complete view of all the AI and ChatGPT fraud threats facing your business. 

    • Validate and Enforce

    During the detection process, we will flag potential impersonators and create a list. You will then be able to review this list and filter through thousands of possible fraudsters. With the help of our image recognition and list system, you can identify high-priority targets and kick-start the enforcement process. 

    Once you validate these potential targets our trusted legal partners will then move to remove impersonators on your behalf. In no time at all you can eliminate frauds and silence their presence online. This will help you protect your IP and your customers. 

    • Report and Measure

    After enforcement, you can continue to improve your protection against AI fraudsters by learning from our in-depth reports and insightful dashboards. This will help you to review your approach to business impersonation and measure how effectively you are fighting ChatGPT scams. 

    The future landscape of AI and ChatGPT fraud prevention

    As the rates of phishing scams continue to rise and the risks of AI-powered data hacks increase, the landscape of AI fraud can look quite bleak for businesses. However, in recent times many brands are looking to fight fire with fire by investing in automated, machine learning solutions and AI technology to combat digital fraudsters. 

    Any modern business fearful of the rise of AI and ChatGPT fraud will be looking for emerging technology like voice biometrics, adaptive authentication, and machine learning features to ensure they are safeguarding their brand and customers. 

    Ultimately, many businesses will also turn to comprehensive anti-impersonation solutions like those provided by Red Points. Businesses that specialize in fraud prevention will have a large role to play as AI platforms become more prevalent within the business world and society as a whole. 

    What’s next

    The rise of AI and ChatGPT fraud can seem like a daunting threat for many business owners and decision-makers. The speed and scale of attacks facilitated by AI platforms like ChatGPT require businesses to implement first-class measures of protection and security. If you fail to act now you will likely become an easy target for AI fraudsters who will take pleasure in degrading your intellectual property and stealing from your customers. 

    By registering your IP and educating your employees and customers you will give your business a good chance of resisting the efforts of ChatGPT scammers. Beyond these measures, you should also invest in digital software to ensure that you can respond quickly and effectively to any threats. 

    Red Points’ Impersonation Removal Software is a powerful, modern solution that will provide you with the resources and the protection you need to safeguard your brand and your customers. To learn more about how Red Points can help your business combat AI and ChatGPT fraud, request a demo here

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