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What is the role of AI in Brand Protection?
Brand Protection
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What is the role of AI in Brand Protection?

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    Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that is becoming increasingly integrated into normal workflows across a variety of industries. Today, AI is also being used to protect businesses from intellectual property (IP) theft. AI tools can be deployed in a diverse array of ways to ensure that you can protect your brand, deter scammers, and take down bad actors. 

    In today’s market, it is important to understand the capacity of AI to improve business processes. AI tools, like ChatGPT or Amazon’s Alexa, are often tailored to enhance the efficiency and precision of workflows that would have previously been completed manually. The improvements that AI tools are delivering for everyday life are also now helping brands achieve new and exciting goals. 

    In this blog, we’ll be exploring the role of AI Brand Protection by focussing on a few key topics, including: 

    • The power of AI in Brand Protection
    • What AI tools can be used to protect your brand from intellectual property theft?
    • How Red Points leverages different types of AI to protect its clients
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    The power of AI in Brand Protection

    AI has revolutionized the way Brand Protection operates today. To protect your business from scammers and bad actors you need to be able to detect, monitor, and record infringing activity. You then also need to be in a position to remove infringers from marketplaces, social media, and other websites. AI tools have helped to enhance all of these processes, ensuring that you can mitigate the impacts of scammers faster and more effectively than before. 

    Advantages of Using AI for Brand Protection

    • Maximized efficiency

    AI improves the efficiency of various brand protection processes. For example, rather than manually reviewing threats to your brand you can instruct AI programs to do this for you. Most AI tools will be able to filter, search, and identify threats far more efficiently than any single human can. 

    • Increased visibility

    AI enhances your visibility in the market by allowing you to identify key platforms, sellers, and regions that are crucial for your brand. Armed with this greater visibility, you can make smarter and more informed decisions about your brand protection strategy.

    • Reduced overhead costs vs. manual brand protection

    Traditional brand protection is not only labor-intensive but also financially burdensome. Allocating a team to manually search the internet for potential risks to your brand constitutes an inefficient allocation of valuable resources. Additionally, human limitations in round-the-clock monitoring result in gaps in your protective coverage.

    Instead, AI offers a more efficient and cost-effective solution. It not only accomplishes the same objectives at a fraction of the cost, but also provides continuous, 24/7 monitoring. This technological shift allows your team to redirect their focus toward more intellectually stimulating and strategically valuable projects.

    What AI tools can be used to protect your brand from intellectual property theft?

    AI comes in various forms. There is a wide selection of AI tools on the market that can help improve the way your business operates. Below we’ve highlighted a few of the key ways these AI tools can be used to protect your brand from IP theft.

    • Use AI to inform your IP strategy

    AI tools can be deployed to help you make considered and proactive decisions about your brand’s strategies, including those related to your IP. AI can analyze large swathes of data at great speed, ensuring that you can make the right IP-related decisions at the right time. 

    For example, AI tools that use diagnostic intelligence and predictive analysis may allow businesses to both evaluate the evolving value of their IP and look forward to how their online IP may potentially be exposed to various bad actors in the future. This approach to AI and strategy can be used to think creatively about IP and come up with strategies to counter the diverse kinds of IP theft you may face. 

    • Google Lens or other image recognition software to locate infringements or counterfeit listings online

    AI-powered image recognition software can help you authenticate products and identify activity that could be the result of counterfeit listings or infringements. Today, tools like Google Lens are particularly adept at finding any products online. With these kinds of tools, you can mitigate the impact of intellectual property theft by quickly finding listings and gathering the evidence you need to take them down.  

    • Use real-time AI detection and enforcement software 

    You can also use a real-time AI detection and enforcement solution to help you create a comprehensive system of defense against potential IP infringers. AI detection will find suspicious patterns of activity and potentially dangerous counterfeits far quicker than any manual search. Then, with AI technology by your side, you will be able to remove counterfeit listings, fake websites, impersonation, and piracy more effectively than if you were acting alone. 

    How Red Points uses different types of AI to protect its clients

    Red Points’ Brand Protection Software uses different types of AI to protect your brand’s interest and mitigate the impact of online infringements. Our solution uses:

    • Optical Character Recognition tech to detect potential infringements online

    Detection is a crucial component of brand protection. Through the use of keyword-based algorithms, we identify potential online infringement for review within our platform. Our AI-powered image fingerprinting and image recognition technologies serve as secondary filters, allowing us to assess the accuracy of these identified incidents more effectively. Image fingerprinting enables us to ascertain whether the official or catalog images are being used in a listing, while image recognition assists us in identifying if the product we are protecting appears in various images within a listing. This multi-layered approach not only enhances the precision of our detection but also makes the process more cost-effective compared to traditional methods.

    • Machine learning AI built into the platform makes us more precise and accurate over time

    We leverage machine learning AI to significantly automate the review process, boosting both efficiency and accuracy. Our platform is trained to recognize specific assets within images. This technology is deeply integrated into our system and constantly refines its detection algorithms with every search. This level of automation eliminates the need for manual review of each incident, allowing your business to swiftly identify trends, high-priority issues, and dangerous counterfeiters with unparalleled efficiency. 

    Ultimately, our solution comes together to provide brands with the highest possible level of protection via three simple steps: 

    1. Detect

    Our bot-powered search allows us to scour the web for you to identify potential infringements. Through text and image recognition, we are able to quickly find possible counterfeit listings. We then log these incidents in a list for you to review. 

    2. Validate

    You can then leverage our real-time image recognition and logic rules to filter through this list and confirm whether you want to act against these infringers. This process can be done manually but you can also automate this stage based on rules that you set up. 

    3. Remove

    Once you have validated the incidents, we will then move to enforce by requesting takedowns automatically. Here you will be able to swiftly protect your brand by removing potentially infringing counterfeit listings and deterring bad actors from targeting your IP. 

    What’s next

    Artificial intelligence is an exceptionally valuable tool that your business should be using to protect itself from counterfeiters. If you are looking to maximize efficiency, improve visibility, and reduce cost, an array of AI tools tailored to your organization will help you achieve this. To be sure that you can protect your brand today you have to act now and start implementing solutions that will help you make the most of AI technology. 

    Red Points’ Brand Protection Software will help your business find, track, and remove counterfeiting listings and sellers. Powered by different types of AI and automation, our software is designed to ensure that you have the best real-time protection available. Our suite of AI tools works in harmony with our team of experienced brand protection experts to help you mitigate the impact of counterfeiters and safeguard your brand’s interests. 

    To learn more about how Red Points can help protect your brand with AI, please request a demo here.


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