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Why our clients choose Red Points as their Brand Protection partner

Know why so many companies choose Red Points when it comes to protecting their assets.
Real stories and real cases about protecting companies against counterfeits, brand abuse and piracy.

We love our clients, they love us right back

Watch how Knockaround used Red Points’ technology to fight counterfeiters and safeguard their products and customers.
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Watch how The 5TH eliminated counterfeits online with Red Points saving thousands of dollars.
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Watch how Red Points helped 100% remove over 13,200 online infringements in 1 year.
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When David Trubridge found out fakes of their products were being sold online, they felt it like “a kick in the guts” — as David himself described it. Red Points was able to almost eliminate all counterfeits found online, in an incredibly efficients and cost effective way

Result 92% of infingements removed, and $150.000 saved
Learn how Food Huggers tackled fakes and got there brand back with the help of Red Points.
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“Red Points’ solution has done a really impressive job of finding and removing items that infringe on our IP. We’d recommend Red Points to any brand that wants to protect their customers and reputation online.”

Result Incidents Solved: 2500. Effectiveness: 89%. Total number of infringing platforms: 73. Top 3 infringing platforms: taobao.com, amazon.com y auction.co.kr.
See how Red Points' technological solution helped MVMT wipe knockoffs from the web.
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“We started using Red Points when the problem with counterfeits started becoming a major nuisance. Red Points covers not only the most popular e-commerce websites, but also smaller, harder to work with sites as well as social media. Thanks to Red Points, I know my business and my customers receive only genuine products.”

Result Tens of thousands of cases removed from Facebook and other social media channels.
See how Red Points' technological solution helped PAUL HEWITT wipe knockoffs from the web.
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Over the past few years, counterfeit products have become a massive headache for us. Only a technology solution like Red Points can tackle the issue effectively and efficiently. Red Points is very user-friendly — I only have to spend a few minutes a week on their platform to validate cases that are not clear infringements.  I recommend it to anyone who sells online.

Result Over 13,000 cases solved with over an 80% effectiveness rate.
Learn how Red Point's tech helped Lounge eliminate over 2000 fakes online.
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Watch how Red Points helped David Trubridge protect his one of a kind designs and save thousands of dollars in the process.
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Take a look at how Red Points helped revolutionary cosmetics company Beautyblender fight fakes online.
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Watch how Red Points helped Tenga remove over 17,000 infringements from online platforms.
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