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Know why so many companies choose Red Points when it comes to protect their assets.
Real stories and real cases about protecting companies against counterfeit, brand abuse and piracy.

See how MVMT used Red Red Points’
technology to protect their designs
from counterfeiters.

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Red Points helped David Trubridge protect his one of a kind designs and save thousands of dollars in the process.

Learn how Food Huggers tackled fakes and got there brand back with the help of Red Points.

See how Red Points’ technological solution helped Paul Hewitt wipe knockoffs from the web.

    EDUARDO MÁRQUEZ Digital Product at Grupo SM
    “Red Points is a service to measure the impact of piracy and above all I get lots of use out of it when we launch a new campaign; I am able see the current state of piracy of a title”
    Red Points began working with Grupo SM in September 2016. A publishing and distribution company, Grupo SM was experiencing high levels of piracy of their titles. In the first short period of protection, Red Points was able to remove more than 2000 illegal version of their titles.

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    ANNA CARBONELL Legal Department at Hawkers
    “Our primary focus is to protect our brand. Thanks to Red Points we have been able to put an end to infringements of our brand online and it allows us to protect all of Hawker’s digital activities.”
    Hawkers began working with Red Points in June 2016, after discovering their young but increasingly popular brand was being counterfeited on a massive scale. Within one month of using our service, we were able to reduce the number of counterfeits available online to almost 0.

    Meet our costumers